Wire Forms


Varianti Ltd. manufactures custom wire forms according to the needs and exact requirements of its customers. For its production processes, Varianti Ltd. uses round cross section wires. The wires’ diameters in Varianti’s range of production of wire forms are 0,2 mm ÷ 10,0 mm.

Wire forms are specific details which may have spring qualities and are made from wire bent in number of different shapes and sizes. Unlike other standardized groups of springs, wire forms don’t have cylindrical bodies of helical coils, but they are the endless combination of various wire lengths and angles and serve numerous industries.

Wire forms are used for automotive exteriors and interiors, different units in agriculture machinery, food processing and electrical devices, weapon units and numbers of other products.

For an adequate quotation we need to consider several key parameters:

  • Wire Diameter (d /dr);
  • Angles;
  • Degree of inclination;
  • Radius of circle shaped elements of the wire form (if any);
  • Lengths of straight sections;
  • Forces in N/mm the wire form is planned to resist to;
  • Wire quality (stainless or carbon steel + standard);
  • Finishing treatment (galvanization, oxydization, powder coating, phosphating, ZINTEK 200, shot blasting, deburring).

A sketch, a drawing or a sample is usually enough to provide you with a pricing for a single wire form or millions of them.

Production capabilities for wire forms:



Production range 1: Production range 2: Production range 3: Production range 4:
Wire size: Ø0,2 ÷ 10,0 mm Ø0,2 ÷ 6,5 mm Ø2,0 ÷ 10,0 mm Ø2,0 ÷ 10,0 mm
Material: Carbon Steel Spring Wire Stainless Steel Spring Wire Oil Tempered Spring Wire Low carbon wire and rods
Standard: EN 10270-1-DH-SH-SM-DM EN 10270-3, 1.4310, AISI 302/304 EN 10270-3-VD/FD SiCr Upon client’s request
Shapes: Almost any shape and detail’s finished length.
Finishing: Zinc Coating, Oxydization, Powder Coating, Phosphating, ZINTEK 200, Deburring
Quantity: From 1 piece and small series order to a large volume of millions.