Air Copper Coils and Chokes


Varianti Ltd. is specialized in manufacturing custom designed air copper coils and chokes according to the needs and exact requirements of its customers. For its production processes, Varianti Ltd. uses round, square and rectangular cross section copper wires. The wires’ diameters in Varianti’s range of production of air copper coils and chokes are 0,40mm ÷ 2,80mm for round copper wires and up to 12mm2 for profile copper wires.

Our products – air copper coils and chokes are being designed similarly to straight ends torsion springs using helical winding and legs (terminals) serving to make contact with other components. During the production process, these inductive elements are CNC coiled, their polish insulation is cleaned and then the surface is tinned by lead-free solder. For chokes production, we use NiZn and MnZn ferrite cores of number of sizes and composition elements’ ratio.

Inductive elements such as air copper coils and chokes are mainly applied in electrical engineering and electronics and represent a passive element with fixed or adjustable value of inductance. In the most common case, inductive element represents a coil of electrical wire and when a current flows in the conductor of the coil, a magnetic field occurs. Due to their ability to convert alternating current (AC), coils are among the main components used in electrical circuits, in which circuit and voltage change over time.

More precisely, air copper coils find application in automatic circuit-breakers and printed circuit boards (PCB). Anti-interference chokes on the other hand are used for integration in electrical controlled motors (brush engines), for blocking the interference processes affecting the vehicles electronics or as primary coils for high voltage transformers.

Production capabilities for air copper coils and chokes:

Wire size:

 - Ø 0,40mm ÷ 2,80mm – round cross section &

 - up to 12mm2 – profile copper wires

Material: Copper Wire (round, square and rectangular cross section)
Standard: Upon client’s request
Shapes: Cylindrical Helical, Elliptical Helical
Ferrite cores: NiZn and MnZn ferrite cores of almost any size and composition ratio
Legs/Ends: straight ends, straight offset, special ends
Direction of winding: Left Hand or Right Hand
Finishing: Fixing of heat shrinkable tube
Quantity: From 1 piece and small series order to a large volume of millions.