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kuki domati


Greenhouse Tomato hook combines perfectly functionality, convenience, quality and price. Saves time and money by reducing the cost of maintaining the plants in the greenhouse.

Cultivation of climbing plants on cord holds the stems and leaves. This method makes it easier to find the fruit, by this way speeding up and improving harvesting.

Keeping the plants above the soil reduces exposure to soil pathogens, which keeps the foliage healthier.

We have tomato / cucumber hooks with the following features:


• Hooks hold the stems upright and allow crops to be lowered in case in case they reach the maximum high of the greenhouse.
• The material used to make the hooks is hard low carbon wire, hot-dip galvanized, with a diameter of 3.00 mm.
• We keep in stock tomato / cucumber hooks 18 cm long, but we also make orders for hooks 14 cm and 22 cm long.
• Packaging is in cartons boxes, one box contains 300 hooks.
• The weight of one package is 9 kg.
• Boxes are placed on a pallet 120 cm x 100 cm x 180 cm wrapped in stretch film.


rolkova kuka


Roller hooks are a novelty in trellising plants in the greenhouses.

They provide great convenience and speed in reducing the length of plants.

They are suitable for tomatoes, cucumbers, vineyards, climbing plants.

Roller hooks as well as tomato / cucumber hooks are made of corrosion-resistant material at relatively high temperature and humidity in greenhouse conditions.



 rol kuka
• Roller hooks allow plants to grow on a small area to obtain higher yields.
• Hooks hold the stems upright and allow crops to be lowered in case they has grown the vertical space in the greenhouse or the fruit can not be reached.
• Using them is easy and saves time and labor.
• The construction is of two parts - can be assembled or separately.
• Includes wire and spool assembly with over 30 m polypropylene twine with UV protection.
• The roller hook can be used for several seasons.
• The polypropylene twine is of the type - 1200 m / kg.