Torsion springs


Varianti Ltd. manufactures custom torsion springs according to the needs and exact requirements of its customers. For its production processes, Varianti Ltd. uses round cross section wires. The wires’ diameters in Varianti’s range of production of torsion springs are 0,2 mm ÷ 10,0 mm.

Torsion springs are an especially designed type of helical cylindrical spring that opposes to torque or otherwise said rotationally applied forces. The torsion spring usually consists of a close wound body and of two legs used to attach the spring to different components. The body coils could also have a pitch between them in order to eliminate friction and the legs configurations are literally endless in order to fit almost any specific application. Legs parameters to be considered for torsion springs are leg angle, leg length, and leg end style. Leg end style choices include straight torsion, straight offset, hinged, short hook ends, and hook ends.

straight endstraight ends torsion spring;



stright offsetstraight offset;



higed endhinged end torsion spring;



short hookshort hook ends torsion spring;



hook endhook ends torsion spring.




When a torque is applied upon the spring, one end of the spring is pushed or pulled in a clockwise or counterclockwise direction, while the other end remains in a fixed position. The direction in which the torque is applied determines the direction of the winding - the load is to be applied in the direction of winding. A torsion spring performs its best when supported by a mandrel and offers resistance when legs are attached to components. If there is no mandrel to keep the spring body stationary, it can deflect when under a load.

torsionAnother specific form of torsion spring is the double torsion spring. It consists of one body coiled right hand and another one coiled left hand. Both bodies are usually connected with an unwound straight section inbetween and work in parallel.

Although the term implies otherwise, the torsion spring is subjected to bending stress, rather than torsional. By deflecting the legs around the body axis, an energy is accumulated and released in the body coils.

Most common uses of torsion springs include clothespins, window shades, mousetraps, counterbalance mechanisms, ratchets, hinges, chair control units, various machine components and electromechanical devices.

For an adequate quotation we need to consider the following key parameters:

  • Outer Diameter (Da /De) and/or Inner Diameter (Di) – it is specified when the spring is required to slip over a mandrel with sufficient clearance to operate freely;
  • Wire Diameter (d /dr);
  • Wire Tolerance – admissible deviations (± X mm) from the wire and spring diameters, as well as from the body length (Lk);
  • Number of work coils (N/n/if);
  • Pitch – the distance center-center between two adjacent coils (t) (in case the relevant torsion spring has such, if not – the pitch equals the wire diameter, which means that the spring body has tightly wound coils);
  • Body Length (Lk);
  • Legs orientation one to another (0°, 90°, 180°, 270°);
  • Legs end style;
  • Forces in N/mm the torsion spring is planned to resist to;
  • Wire quality (stainless or carbon steel + standard);
  • Finishing spring treatment (galvanization, oxydization, powder coating, phosphating, ZINTEK 200).

Submit us with those key parameters mentioned above, a drawing or a sample and we will provide you with a pricing for a single spring or millions of them.

Production capabilities for torsion springs:



Production range 1: Production range 2: Production range 3:
Wire size: Ø0,2 ÷ 10,0 mm Ø0,2 ÷ 6,5 mm Ø2,0 ÷ 10,0 mm
Material: Carbon Steel Spring Wire Stainless Steel Spring Wire Oil Tempered Spring Wire
Standard: EN 10270-1-DH-SH-SM-DM EN 10270-3, 1.4310, AISI 302/304 EN 10270-3-VD/FD SiCr
Shapes: Cylindrical Helical
Legs/Ends: straight ends, straight offset, hinged end torsion spring, short hook ends, hook ends, special ends, double torsion springs
Direction of winding: Left Hand or Right Hand
Finishing: Zinc Coating, Oxydization, Powder Coating, Phosphating, ZINTEK 200, Deburring
Quantity: From 1 piece and small series order to a large volume of millions.